Anki membership cancellation

I haave recently started using anki for my step 1 studies and have been studying from anking v10 that I had downloaded ages ago. But I am starting to see some discrepancies between the deck and source materials. I was considering getting the ankihub membership to get the latest version of anking v12 to fix this issue. But this isn’t an expense that I can afford month to month.

So I wanted to inquire on how to cancel a membership (I have seen post on the community saying to to cancel from settings " Membership Portal button" which doesn’t appear for me)

And if the anking v12 that I downloaded when I had the membership would remain the same i.e (all of my progress would remain and would I continue to be able to use & sync the deck without the anki hub updates

Please take the following steps to cancel your account:

  • Go to
  • Navigate to your settings by clicking Settings at the top of the page.
  • Click the Membership Portal button (you may need to scroll down to see it).
    • You can cancel your subscription from here.

If you would like, after your subscription period ends, you can apply for a scholarship

After cancelling your membership, your progress will remain and all the changes that has been made to the deck will remain. You will just not receive any new changes after your subscription ends

I am trying to cancel my membership, but the settings tab is not present on my home page.

hey did you ever end up figuring out how to cancel

If you don’t see the membership portal, it most likely means your subscription has already been cancelled if you chose to cancel it beforehand

I got charged 4.99 a few days ago, I cant see the membership portal on the website, can I be sent a direct link to the portal?