AnkiHub cards not rescheduling for reviews

Hi everyone,

I downloaded the STEP 2 CK deck from ankihub after purchasing the subscription. After doing the cards multiple times (I kept rebuilding after seeing to reschedule function) they were never rescheduled. I tried signing in and out, logging in and out of anki, and remaking the filtered decks based on tags, yet nothing worked.

Would someone please help me with this matter?

Thank you so much!

When you made a filtered deck, can you screenshot your settings here?

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This is an example of my settings for filtered decks. I also attached a screenshot of my other settings that felt as if they might help.

Thank you so much for the help.

This is the other one; I could not put two screenshots in one comment.

So after you do the cards they aren’t rescheduled? What makes you say that? Can you show me what you mean?

No, they do not get rescheduled. When I do the cards, it shows the options for the days. They however do not show up on the days they are supposed to come up. In fact, they do not show up at all again, unless I click rebuild which brings back all of the cards at once.

Yes, I made a screen recording to show it better. The comment section is not allowing me to send it. Is there a way for me to submit it?


You can upload to google drive or something and link here

Ok, I just did that. Here is the link :slight_smile:

It’s not available for everyone

You will need to accept our request for access

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My bad, does it work now?

For your video, it may be related to the custom filter. Can you pull up the card that you did the review on in the video and show us the stats (select the card info in the browser menu)

Sure, I am not sure how to bring up that specific card, but I will show how I made the deck and the stats on a few of the cards.

It’d be helpful to see you review the card and then search for that card in the browser and see what happened to the actual card info

Are these new cards? I noticed you dont have “is:due” in the search parameters for the deck