AnkiHub deck downloading, not showing up in Anki Desktop app

Hi, I just got a new computer recently and am having trouble pulling the Anking Overload Step 1 & 2 deck. My current Anki version is ⁨2.1.56qt6 and I’m on a MacBook M2 with iOS 13 Ventura.

It appears to download and install but doesn’t show in the decks menu once complete.

Here is the log upload: ankihub_addon_logs_31f72_1676331644.log

Let me know if there is any more info you need! Thanks.

It seems that you already had the notes from the deck in your collection.

You can go to the Anki browser and put nid:1368291917470 into the search bar to see into which deck they went. This will search for the note with this id (which is in the AnKing Overhaul deck) and you will be able to see in which deck it is. All other notes will also be in this deck.