AnkiHub decks disappeared from Anki apps and AnkiWeb

My subscribed AnkiHub decks (and several of my non-AnkiHub decks) are no longer appearing in my Anki Mac app, iPad app, or AnkiWeb. Everything was working as of last evening and this morning I tried to re-sync and all AnkiHub decks were removed from all 3 applications. I’m still currently subscribed to the decks on AnkiHub and all decks are shown to be syncing when I manually re-sync from the app. They just don’t appear.

Troubleshooting thus far:

  • manual re-sync (decks show they are syncing and say “no new updates”)
  • Checked to see if decks are still in “subscribed decks” under AnkiHub tab on Mac app (they were)
  • Logged out and signed back in to AnkiHub/AnkiWeb via Mac app (all decks still appear under “subscribed decks”)
  • Reinstalled Anki app
  • Unsubscribed/resubscribed from decks on AnkiHub (I was able to unsubscribe, and upon re-subscribing the decks showed that they had downloaded but don’t appear in the app)
  • Anki version macOS (Apple Silicon, 2.1.57 Qt6)

Any help is appreciated!

Okay… I was able to restore one of the backup decks from yesterday and everything seems to be syncing again. It must have been an overriding issue with the syncing between two devices.