ankihub_optional::GroupName tags can now be suggested from the add-on

@ankiclass reported an issue with optional tags here. I believe the issue is that the base ankihub_optional::ErreCurso tag was suggested to the notes (the add-on used to prevent that but it seems it’s failing to do that now). The resulting DeckExtension objects then will have empty tags fields.


This was a second attempt, in the first one I made the suggestion without the base tag, but as it didn’t work I tried using the tag, unfortunately it didn’t work either, I can remove the ankihub_optional:: and try to redo the suggestion

As an emergency route, I suggested 3 schedules (ErreCurso, ErreCafé and ErreMed) using the traditional label route and all the labels worked and were added to the flashcards.

The notes should be tagged with tags in the format ankihub_optional::ErreCurso::TagName.