Adding new optional tag groups to 3rd party decks errors-out

There seems to be an issue affecting creation of new optional tags extensions. Attempting to add new optional tags group in “My Decks => Optional tags => New tag group”. From the user’s perspective clicking “Save” is not actionable.

Looking at the dev tools, the POST request is being sent to with the following data:

The response from the server contains no error, but the form contents is sent back. The new tag group is not created. In addition, a JS error is generated after the response is delivered:

For a good measure I tried both Chromium-based Brave with privacy extensions disabled, as well as newest Safari with plugins disabled.

I just tried it with the same deck and it did work for me (tested on Firefox). The console error appears to be unrelated. Are you having issues only with 3rd party decks?

It’s something with the name UICOM. I tested it a bit and tried in that order:

  • Creating UICOM in AnKing fails as it already exists (which is expect)
  • Creating UICOM_test in AnKing succeeded (id 252)
  • Creating UIC in AnatoKing succeeded (id 253)
  • Creating UICOM_Test in AnatoKing succeeded (id 245); I was thinking it maybe checking without deck id somehow
  • Creating UICOM in AnatoKing still fails without errors on both Safari and newest Firefox :frowning:
  • Creating UICOM in UICOM+ (3c5dba9f-d831-4fc7-a1a4-e8074dafc4fa) also fails without errors

All of these actions happened around 2024/01/06 07:00-07:15 UTC, in case you want to check logs. I didn’t test with non-3rd party decks , as I don’t have any published ones.

Also, I see there’s no option to delete optional tag groups not edit the description :smiley: Would you be able to delete my test ones?

I see the issue now. The issue here is actually that AnkiHub is not allowing you to create a tag group with the same name as an existing one (in a different unrelated deck). Thank you for the report and investigation!

@ProductTeam I believe it’s OK for group names not to be unique globally, but the database has a unique constraint preventing that. Can you confirm the intended behavior here? We should at least show an error message.

There’s no option for that yet, but I can delete the groups for you.

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Also, a small UX note: I think they in fact should not be unique to improve usability. This lets me provide a simple instruction for other students e.g. “subscribe to decks A, B, C; in each deck use tags group X instead of listing each one separately.

That would be amazing - you can nuke all of them I created.

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