Optional Tags Suggestions Failing to Submit

When trying to submit an organization overhaul to my UKYCOM Optional Tag group on the AnKing deck, the add-on fails to submit any group of cards over a few hundred. I essentially wanted to resync all of the cards under the optional tag (~14k) as I changed all of the head tag names.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Selected all the cards in the group parent tag (UKYCOM)
  2. Pulled up submission dialog, submitted optional tags as maintainer
  3. The uploading bar comes up for a bit, then it does nothing and leaves me in the submission dialogue
    (When submissions work it usually closes out of the submit dialogue and a pop-up appears saying submissions were successful, this didn’t happen)
  4. Checked the AnkiHub website and no new closed submissions are present on my optional tag page
  5. Tried doing this tag by tag with smaller tags, only successfully submitted updated tags for tags with less than 400 cards.

My AnkiHub logs: ankihub_addon_logs_a075e_1685935472.log

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I have this same issue and have found that certain notes will cause this behavior. Normally, I will submit optional tags for multiple notes all at once but have recently had to submit optional tags one note at a time to find notes that cause the bulk suggestion to fail. Here are some note ids from AnKing:

This is a pretty frustrating process because it means going through the suggestion dialog process for 10s to 100s of notes individually.

@nashallanrahill Impeccable timing, think I just figured it out. I had inadvertently been trying to sync some cards tagged “DELETE(Duplicate)”. When I excluded those tags from my selection, I was able to successfully submit my updates. Looks like your listed nids are all tagged to delete as well.

This seems like a problem where the recently deleted cards on AnkiHub are causing the submit dialogue to bug out and fail without giving an error message.

EDIT: Found one note that I did not have a DELETE tag for that was deleted from AnkiHub and disrupting one of my tag submissions; nid:1575176473015

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Sorry for the late response, but we delivered a fix to this issue today.


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