Optional Tag Suggestions not uploading to ankihub and for other users

Hi, myself and about 7 other people maintain our school’s Anking tag. Today, 2 of us struggled to have our tag suggestions actually upload, and others could not see the tags. I noticed if I suggested 5 tags at a time (as opposed to 60) they would be more likely to go through, but it is still sporadic. I go through the normal process of suggesting cards, and when I hit “suggest optional tags,” the loading bar shows up and goes away, but the suggestion window stays up and I never get the “cards have been suggested” notice at the bottom of the screen. I have updated ankihub, restarted the anki application, reset the optional tag group, unsubscribed/subscribed to the tag with no fix.
Thank in advance for any help!

I think I may have found the issue, one of the cards in the tag was deleted from Ankihub which prevented others from being uploading. Uploading all cards other than that card resulted in the normal upload process.

5/17 update - we replicated the same problem. We couldn’t get the tag suggestion to update, I had the user check that deleted ankihub cards were deleted from their collection, then the optional tags uploaded as normal. Thanks so much!

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Looks like there’s a bug here

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