AnKing cards with audio not playing

There are a number of AnKing overhaul cards that are supposed to have audio (heart auscultation and whatnot), but none of them are playing for me. My media sync says “idle,” if that helps.

Thank you so much!

Just checked this card and I can hear the audio fine.

Did you import media from the reddit comments?

Not sure if AnkiHub is currently syncing audio

No I didn’t because I thought ankihub was syncing everything now (it says that on the wiki). Can you check how long until it does the audio too?

Preemptive question: If it’s going to be a while, do I go through the usual method (download the Google drive files onto my computer and then import from a local file using the import media function)? Will this work even though I’ve already done a media sync through ankihub to get the files?

I’ll get back to you regarding this as soon as I have an answer!

Awesome, thank you so much!

Hi James,

We currently do not support audio syncing, however, we are planning on doing so in the near future (I can’t specify a time yet).

The workaround currently would be as you have described previously, by downloading the V12 reddit comments media package and importing the media. You should be able to hear the audio after that

I hope that answers your question! Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused

Audio syncing is now supported!

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