Anking deck not downloading

I got the new Anking overhaul deck and downloaded it but I only see 2 cards in the deck, one about RTA and one about esophagitis. Iā€™m not sure what went wrong?


Can you take a screenshot of what you mean?

This might fix it: Why does my AnKing Step Deck have 0 cards?

When I go to the tags I still only see one card under V12.

I am having the same problem. I was able to see around 20 cards, but thats all. It doesnt make sense

Try this:

Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki ā†’ at the top click on ankihub addon tab ā†’ press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

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