Anking Overhaul Disappears after sync


I recently downloaded the Anking Overhaul for Step 1 & 2. I’ve been able to successfully access the new tags and cards. However, when after I sync, I get this message:


"Your decks here and on AnkiWeb differ in such a way that they can’t be merged together, so it’s necessary to overwrite the decks on one side with the decks from the other.

If you choose download, Anki will fetch the collection from AnkiWeb, and any changes you have made on this device since the last sync will be lost.

If you choose upload, Anki will send this device’s data to AnkiWeb, and any changes that are waiting on AnkiWeb will be lost.

After all devices are in sync, future reviews and added cards can be merged automatically."

I hit Download from AnkiWeb (as this is what I have done previously) and the newly downloaded deck disappears.

Any suggestions?

You have to hit Upload here to get the decks synced to AnkiWeb.

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Thank you so much! I was worried I would lose all my progress/decks. Solution worked.

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