Your decks on here and ankiweb differ

Hey guys, I just signed up for AnkiHub & since doing so I have gotten the following message every single time I sync after opening or closing the app:

Your decks here and on AnkiWeb differ in such a way that they can’t be merged together, so it’s necessary to overwrite the decks on one side with the decks from the other.

If you choose download, Anki will fetch the collection from AnkiWeb, and any changes you have made on this device since the last sync will be lost.

If you choose upload, Anki will send this device’s data to AnkiWeb, and any changes that are waiting on AnkiWeb will be lost.

After all devices are in sync, future reviews and added cards can be merged automatically.

I downloaded the updates for anking step 1 & step 2 overhaul. I have been changing individual cards as I go for the past year, so I assume thats why, but I would think itd fix after uploading once. I already accidentally hit download from ankiweb & lost my daily progress, so I’d prefer to fix this to avoid that risk.

The message comes from AnkiWeb. Please see this for more details: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual

You can restore from a backup: Backups - Anki Manual

Please see this: Should I click upload to ankiweb or download from ankiweb?

You should click upload to ankiweb. If you lost progress, restore from a backup then click upload to ankiweb after you have restored