AnKing/Previous Decks Import Questions

Currently need advice regarding importing a new deck that has overlapping cards with previous decks. In essence, my in-house deck author uses both Anking + inhouse materials; however, the author is reusing previously used anking cards I have history/previous scheduling.

Is there anyway to import this new deck, and it could pull the previous cards from past decks into the new one? I ideally want to be able to continue the scheduling of these Anking cards.

Thank you

I have

I am not entirely sure, but if the AnKing cards your in-house author is using has the same note ID’s has the AnkiHub AnKing Step Deck then it should still carry over scheduling.

If anyone else knows if this is correct please let me know

how exactly would you go about this situation?

I believe I can either start fresh with a new profile or just pull anking cards into the newly imported decks. Realy unsure on how to go about it.

Actually, if I delete the previous cards then reupload. Does the scheduling history also get deleted or is stored locally?

I am not 100% sure but it might remove scheduling. You can always try since Anki saves a ton of backups so if anything goes wrong you can just revert