Overwriting Anking cards with duplicate cards from pre made school decks

I set up 2 profiles, one anking for step and one for school but there is a lot of overlap and I want a way to merge the 2 but when I add cards from the school profile that have anking cards in them it ignores them, keeps the anking ones which don’t have reviews.
The school ones have put anking cards into decks that are appropriate and I have been doing them separately and don’t want to have to do those cards twice, once in each profile
Is there a way to do this?
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  1. Backup your Anki data: Before making any changes, it’s essential to back up your Anki data to avoid any potential loss of progress. You can do this by going to File → Export → Export your decks in the profile you want to merge.
  2. Export the decks with overlapping cards:
  • In the profile you want to merge into (let’s call this Profile A), create a new deck or use an existing one to import the cards from the other profile (Profile B).
  • In Profile B, select the decks you want to merge into Profile A, and choose “Export” from the File menu. Export them as an Anki deck (.apkg file).
  1. Import the decks into Profile A:
  • Switch back to Profile A.
  • In Profile A, go to File → Import and select the .apkg file you exported from Profile B. Make sure to check the “Allow HTML in fields” option if your cards have HTML formatting.
  • Anki will ask you how you want to handle duplicates. Choose “Update existing notes” to retain scheduling information.
  1. Review and fix any potential issues: After importing, review your decks in Profile A to ensure that the cards have been merged correctly. Check for any issues with scheduling or formatting and correct them as needed.
  2. Remove Profile B: Once you are confident that all the necessary cards have been transferred to Profile A and are functioning correctly, you can delete Profile B. Go to File → Switch Profile → Manage Profiles → Delete Profile B.

When I import the files I see no options field where I can handle duplicates. It just automatically loads the apkg and then says that they are updated but they are not, reviews stay the same as the original file and edits don’t change either. I am on windows using Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)

Did you export with “maintain scheduling”?

should I have or not?