Anking Step 1 and 2 overhaul- suspending cards

I downloaded the anking overhaul for step 1 and 2 and was recommended to suspend all the cards prior to my first day of class and un-suspend as I learn new concepts.

How do I suspend all of the cards?


Go to browse at the top of your Anki, go to decks on the left, find β€œAnKing Overhaul Step 1 and 2”. Click on it.

Then click on any card in the browser section then Ctrl + A if you are on Windows (Cmd + A i think on mac), it will take some time.

Then right click and click suspend

Please watch these videos that the AnKing has made to make things easier for you

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Also here is a FAQ and Wiki if needed

These will answer the majority of your questions. Please watch the videos on the AnKing YouTube channel, they are very useful!