Anking v11 not updating to v12

I am trying to update Anking V11 to V12 and have been unsuccessful after many attemps. I attached screen shots of all of the steps I took to update the deck.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 4.27.46 PM

After all of these steps, the sync is unsuccessful. The number of cards in the deck have not been updated. 35,847 cards are categorized as “Not modified after sync” with 0 cards in the “Modified after sync” deck. Every time I close and re-open Anki, I’m presented with pop-ups that my decks differ from AnkiWeb and I go through a series of syncs that take a long time and seem to have no effect.

I am using Anki v 2.1.55 (as recommended by
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the AnkiHub and Special Fields addons multiple times.

Step 23 you need to “upload”

Thanks for the very detailed notes! That made it easy to figure out

It worked! Thank you.

When I go to browse, I noticed that I have 39,233 AnkiHub cards, but 42,375 cards in the AnKing deck. Should I delete these extra cards and if so how do I do that?

Search this:

"deck:AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2" -ankihub_id:_*