Cannot Download Anking V12 onto anki


I am unable to download Anking Overhall V12 onto my anki. I went through the steps posted on the wiki page; however, each time I try to sync my anki with ankihub, it will say “new deck added” but 0 cards are actually added. I am beyond frustrated as to why my anki decks will not download. can someone please help?

Did you have an old deck with AnKing cards in it? Can you check if you have the AnKingV12 tag in your browser. Also check in ankihub addon if you have the default deck assigned to a different deck.

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Was this resolved? I am experiencing the same issue.

It did. I essentially had to download the Anki deck via Anki hub onto another computer and logged into my anki. Then I clicked the sync button on Anki on my current computer and it miraculously loaded.