AnKing will not download/install

I am attempting to download and install AnKing. I have installed the AnkiHub add-on, subscribed to the deck on the website, confirmed it displays under my ‘Subscribed Decks,’ and finally selected ‘Sync with AnkiHub.’ When I do this, a window displays with ‘Skip’ or ‘Install’ as options – I select ‘Install,’ upon which a small dialog box with a progress bar briefly displays. It then disappears and is replaced by an error message at the lower left corner of the window:

My internet connection is not the problem. Wondering what is going on here?

Can you try deleting the ankihub addon and reinstalling and see if this goes away?

Thanks for the quick response! I have already done this without success.

Can you use mobile data and see if this still occurs? I can currently sync fine

Unfortunately, continuing to have the same error with hotspot.

@abdo do you know why this is occurring?

hey thanks for all the help, I think I figured it out. I’ve got Z-Scaler installed and if I have issues with things that’s usually the culprit. Of course, I forgot to troubleshoot that until just now…

Disabled Z-Scaler and voila, the deck downloaded. Appreciate the assistance!

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