Anking step deck wont install due to ankhihub sync cancelled

Im trying to install the deck, but it wont work. I click sync and see “ankihub sync cancelled”


Please use AnkiHub > Help > Upload logs and data and let us know the filename shown.

Here it is – thanks!

I am getting the same error as well

@avsurya @chinmayachandra Does this workaround mentioned here work for you?

When I click sync, all i see is the box saying “checking” and then immediately it says “Ankihub sync cancelled”. There’s no thing that asks download or upload. Here is the upload log filename: ankihub_addon_logs_5dadb_1716828728.log

Can you disable AnkiHub auto sync and try clicking “Sync” again?

Tried that, and it still says “AnkiHub Sync Cancelled” This screen is what I see when I look at if the deck management to see if decks are there. When I click sync to install it says the “AnkiHub Sync Cancelled” as usual

I am having the same issue after following all of the steps for install.

Even after trying all the mentioned steps, the issue remains the same

@avsurya To confirm again, is your Sync button shown in red? Is the dialog asking you whether to download or upload showing up when you click Sync? Is the Sync button turning back black after syncing (and choosing whether to download or upload)?

Yep, my sync is shown in red here. I do not receive a dialog asking whether I want to download or upload. It says “checking” and then Ankihub sync cancelled (there is no choice to click anything at all). All that happens is click “sync” with ankihub in the upper Ankihub tab, and it says “ankihub sync cancelled”. There is no dialog or choice to download or upload

Did you set the auto sync option to Never? That message shouldn’t appear when you click Sync if you have auto sync disabed.


was having the same issue! open anki on desktop > anki hub add on > config > reset to standard settings. this is what worked for me!

where is the button to “reset to standard settings”? I tried to click restore defaults but that didnt work for me.

Yes I had it set to never, and it still shows up as ankihub sync cancelled

Hmm, that’s surprising. AnkiHub shouldn’t sync automatically at all with this option set to Never.

For anyone still stuck on this, I believe it works with windows install. I used a windows computer, uploaded to ankweb, then downloaded into my mac (which was creating the problems with “ankihub sync cancelled”

Still happening to me on a windows PC

Do you have the latest version of Anki installed, i think it was the Qt6?