Ankisthesia Images Error

I just downloaded the Ankisthesia deck but many images appear broken when I try to access the textbook. I followed the instructions to download the images seperately as instruted. Was wondering if I did something wrong, or are other people having the same issue?

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I have this exact same issue. Some of the cards have images, but a number of them have the “image broken” sign. I think it’s related to some copyright issue, but it kinda defeats the purpose of the deck if I’m expected to upload those images myself. And I say this having bought the physical resources the deck uses.

Tagging @anking.jacob who will be able to help more

All textbook images have been removed from the deck due to copyright issues.

So hypothetically is there any way, no matter how illegal, to get the textbook images into the cards, without manually uploading them 1 by 1? I downloaded the media package for the deck and I believe the images are in there. @dollajas @anking.jacob

Unless someone had the original images and shared them then it would have to be one by one.

Where can I download this? reddit links both arent working…

I’d look at the AnkiHub website as I imagine it’s there (haven’t checked in weeks) as I have my own, local copy.

But still looking for the OG version that had images.

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My Anki v12 step 1 deck isn’t showing any images or media. Is there any fix to it?

This post is talking about a different deck (i.e. Ankisthesia) not the Anking Deck. You should post in a different topic. Good luck.

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