Applying subdeck tags to post-upload subdecks

When creating a new AnkiHub deck that has subdecks with at least one card each, you are prompted with the following:

Now if I want to create a new subdeck and add a new card to it, is there any way to automatically assign the tag that would correspond to the cards of said new subdeck in a way similar to how it happens during the initial upload? Or do I have to manually type out a new tag in the same format as that of the initial subdeck to tag conversion and add it to my cards of said new subdeck?

For example, in my image I have three subdecks of the uploaded deck, each with one card that has a tag of the format AnkiHub_Subdeck::AnkiHub_test_deck::subdeck_1, AnkiHub_Subdeck::AnkiHub_test_deck::subdeck_2 and AnkiHub_Subdeck::AnkiHub_test_deck::subdeck_3, for the card of each respective subdeck.

If I make a new subdeck, namely “subdeck 4”, and add a card to it, is there any way to automatically assign it the tag AnkiHub_Subdeck::AnkiHub_test_deck::subdeck_4 based on the detail that this card is located in “subdeck 4”?

At the moment no, but that’s a good idea. For now you have to manually add the tag

@jakub.f is there a way to auto add Subdeck tags on upload or suggestion of a new note? Could add that down the line

Maybe even an option “apply Subdeck tags” and it’d auto add Subdeck tags to selected notes in the browser?

My thoughts exactly.

This button could fit either in the right click select context menu in the card browser, in the form of “AnkiHub: apply Subdeck tags [to selected cards]”

Or in the top bar AnkiHub dropdown in the card browser, as in “apply Subdeck tags to all cards”.

Agreed. This would be a simple solution in the meantime until we can create a more elegant fix

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There is a create tags from subdecks addon (Convert Subdecks to Tag Hierarchy - AnkiWeb), and this could be used then suggested to ankihub. That’s not automatic though

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This relies on yet another addon, but it does work well, so I’m marking this as a solution.
By default Convert Subdecks to Tag Hierarchy - AnkiWeb replaces the spaces in subdeck names with dashes (-) instead of underscores (_), as opposed to AnkiHub’s first upload subdeck to tag conversion, but fortunately this can be tweaked from the addon’s settings so it behaves just like AnkiHub.


Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions. Looking forward to having this as an automatic function of AnkiHub :smile:


That’s a good idea and it’s not hard to do.

One thing related to this is the bulk suggestion limit. If it stays at 500 it would be tedious to suggest all the subdeck tags that will be generated (for large decks at least).

I believe we’re going to change the bulk suggestion limit to 5000 too so that could be difficult. Maybe just a popup that asks about adding subdeck tags if they don’t exist and if they do, running the function to add popup tags first, then adding the suggestion?