If subdecks are disabled, suggestions will suggest removing subdeck tags

Essentially what the title says. Had one user that didn’t have subdecks enabled and I had to go through and re-add the subdeck tag to all their suggestions which is not ideal.

@jakub.f can this be fixed on the add-on side and just ignore changes to subdeck tags if the subdecks are disabled?

I’m not sure if this is a bug. I think that this user probably deleted the subdeck tags manually. The add-on doesn’t remove subdeck tags automatically (even if subdecks are disabled).

He said he never had them in the first place and they were disabled in settings

This is for the dermki deck and it’s one of the original users. I added Subdeck tags manually later on so maybe that’s related?

Hm maybe? Resetting local changes to the deck should add the subdeck tags to notes (if the notes have subdecks tags on the webapp). This should be a solution for people which don’t have them.

I’ll have them test it out and follow up if things don’t resolve. Hopefully this was just a one time thing as it sounds like you’ve already thought this scenario through