Automatically burying cards when marked "again" "hard" or "good"

Myself and a friend recently each downloaded v12 and things were going smoothly until today. We were studying in a group and all noticed that the timing for the reviews were odd (i.e. 15 m, 12.1 hour, 1d, 9d) and that when we marked a card for review, it did not enter the review pile but rather was buried. This is not happening with our other decks. Any help would be super amazing thank you!! :slight_smile: link to screen recording of what is happening


This is because you have selected β€œuse recommended settings” which automatically sets the learn ahead limit to 0.

To fix this, basically find what is your β€œagain” button minutes. For example, if your again button is 10 minutes, set your learn ahead limit to 11 minutes.

You can set your learn ahead limit by going to Anki at the top left β†’ Preferences β†’ Review β†’ Learn ahead limit

Thank you so much! I did that and I also went to the deck’s options and selected for Default settings. Hopefully this should also fix the problem? Thanks again!

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