Clicking Easy brings card back in 10 minutes

Problem #1: When I click Again, Hard or Good, it used to show me that it added it onto the ‘Learn’ pile, but now it doesn’t. However, that card will come back to be reviewed in the designated time.

Problem #2: When I click Easy (settings have it set for 3 days), it still brings it up in another 5 to 10 minutes approximately.

I suck with tech so please explain it to me or guide me as though I have one brain cell.

Below are my settings:

Can you post a screenshot of the answer buttons in a card showing the issue? Also a screenshot of the Card Info screen (More > Card Info in the review screen) will be helpful. It’s worth following the steps in this page for any issue (specifically, check whether this is caused by add-ons): Troubleshooting - Anki Manual