The card won't shows up again

Hi there, I’m experiencing an issue with my AnKing deck on AnkiHub. When I press the “Hard” button during reviews, the card doesn’t show up again as expected. Can you help me with this?


Can you explain what you mean by doesn’t show up as expected?

Does this happen with every card? What are your card settings?

After I click Show Answer, It just gone.

I want to be able to see the card again in the “red”, then “green”

There’s nothing wrong with the Decks. I think I messed up the setting!

Usually when I review Anki, It shows again after I click “HARD”. But somehow it didn’t show up when I study AnKing Deck!

This is to do with settings, if you are hard button is 20 minutes, then you will see it in 20 minutes.

If you want to see it right away, you will need to change your learn ahead limit

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