Basic Notetype Variant Creating Two Cards from One Note

Shared deck on AnkiHub.
The basic notetype is essentially behaving as if it were basic/reversed - as in the note appears in the queue once forwards and the next backwards. There are two cards for one note.
I have suspended the duplicates and have tried changing the notetype to another basic notetype (but I cannot bulk suggest because those other notetypes have no AnkiHub ID)


Many thanks

Not sure I understand 100%. When you created the cards, were they working normally? then when you suggested to AnkiHub, they got duplicated? Can you show an example of the cards?

I’ve done some testing, and yes it occurs when the card is created.

I had uploaded the deck previously, which is why I’m guessing there is an -“af70c” variant of each note type in the deck.

While the -af70c AnKing Overhaul note type has worked fine for uploading to the deck, I just tried the non -af70c basic note type as seen below and it seems that the duplicates are not created and these can be suggested to the deck.

Odd problem, but thankyou for your input

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