Bug report: Suggestion author being changed to maintainer that most recently modified the suggestion

Bug can be seen displayed in provided video:

Priority: Medium


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I don’t know if this is really a bug @dollajas. When someone changes a suggestion he is kind of the author of the changed suggestion, maybe the right approach here should be to show on the screen that the suggestion has more than one author.

For our purposes it is really helpful to know who made the original suggestion. Perhaps we can show who subsequent “authors” are? Or “modified by:” and retain original author?


I agree this is a bug. It’s incorrect to say the last editor is the author. They are a co-author.

Agreed! Just like on GitHub.

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Any update on this? Hesistant to modify suggestions since certain users cant find their suggestions if a maintainer modifies it

Thanks for your reports and suggestions!

We are currently working on supporting adding co authors to users who edit a new/change note suggestion after it was created by the original author. This update should be live at the start of next week :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Just for clarification it will only be able to be changed by maintainers, not users of AnkiHub correct

So for example, if I make a suggestion, then @Aaron or @shmuelsash change it (both are maintainers)

It will say for example
original author = Ahmed
Co-authors = Aaron & Shmuel

But the users on ankihub will not be able to make changes to other suggestions, correct?

Yeah, no changes will be made to current permissions of who can edit suggestions :slight_smile:

Your example is correct. Here’s a screenshot of how it is going to look like:

Perfect, thank you @heitorado !

Also just a side note, since we now have many maintainers, I think it would be good for the community and us as a fast glance to have perhaps a icon (like in discourse with the shield that when highlighted over it says Deck Maintainer) or the “Anking Deck Maintainer” text, or even a color change of the maintainer names to show people that they are maintainers

Ofc low priority, just wanted to put that out there, thank you for all your help!