Placeholder Bug Reoccuring

This bug was resolved a while back but I am noticing it again. Users making suggestions in other fields like text or extra, have their first aid or other sections changed to this placeholder text when the before picture is visible.

Nick said this might be intended since we cannot accept anything into the first aid field but just wanted to report just incase.

I had to revert users suggestions to these sections a few times today

Discussed in slack, a cosmetic issue not a bug

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Hmm, not sure if this is not a bug:

  • only owners and maintainers should be able to see images on the left side of suggestions (old content)
  • everyone should be able to see the images in the right column (new content) because we assume that the user that made the suggestion is following the terms and conditions of ankihub (so the content is allowed to be distributed). However after merging the images will become “invisible” again because this field has a setting to block the rendering of assets.
  • The suggestion shouldn’t be taking into account the placeholder URL, so this first screenshot shouldn’t be happening. The system was supposed to ignore this URL when suggesting.

I created an issue to investigate this further and will update here if I have more info.

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I accidently accepted a suggestion with a placeholder but nothing happened to the image, so can confirm just cosmetic, but users have to revert their changes constantly, and having to revert them myself can take time because sometimes 3-4 fields have this bug at times. Take your time for this however, not that much of a priority

Can you please add a link to the page of the screenshot?

Cant find the one in screenshot, but this one is basically the same thing occurring

I have already rejected the suggestion

We found the bug, and the main cause was that suggestions created using AnkiHub web are putting the image placeholder URL as an image change, but now it’s fixed.

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Thank you!