Additional Resources HTML Bug?

For this nid:1471999885871, I moved the previous extra HTML which was " img src=“paste-222612449919428.jpg”/> (not including full code because it does not show up on discourse otherwise), then i pasted it into the additional resources section, then suggested it, it then switches it on my anki app as well as ankihub to “img src=“66fcdafa4de966222c434e06c6500e15.jpg”/>”.

Since we do not have a AnkiHub::ImageReady::AdditionalResource tag, another user could not see the image and noticed the HTML changed, even though i just copy and pasted, I tried it again and the same thing did happen, everytime i pasted the first HTML, after i would press suggest it would switch to the second one even though it is the same picture

I manually added the HTML back into ankihub this time, and the HTML stayed the same. Not sure if this is a bug or something? For other images this did not happen, but the user stated that this happened to other images

Just noticed it with this


I added the right previous source, it just has to be done through ankihub, if I suggest through anki, it switches the source to something else for some reason

Turns out all of them except one had this issue, I had to manually go to each one and replace it on the ankihub website, this is really tedious and not time efficient. Is this a bug?

Just noticed this happened for another use who tried changing all previous deleted extra images and switch them to the additional resources section. Can see it happen here nid:1473628011248

The renaming of newly added images in suggestions is intended behaviour.
When you replace a image with a new one (or add a new image in general), the name will be changed to a random-looking number. This however shouldn’t be a problem and the add-on should download the new image in the background when you or others sync with AnkiHub.

So maybe the media sync just didn’t finish yet for that user and that’s why they couldn’t see the image.

Renaming images on the website won’t work properly because only the name of the image that is assigned to it when the suggestion was created references the uploaded image.

This isn’t a new image.

These are image htmls from the text/extra field and we’re copying the html to the additional resources field. All 3 of these fields are currently blocked from sharing media at the moment.

The purpose is so that people who have that media can still see it, just in the additional resources field instead of the text or extra field. For this reason, the html needs to stay the same

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I see, I’ll look into it

May I suggest adding the tag “AnkiHub_ImageReady::Additional_Resources” to this field on this note? By doing so, people will be able to download the image even if its name has been changed. Are there any reasons not to add the tag? @Ahmed

I thought of this at first, but I think it might interfere with the fact that we are protecting the additional resources field in the future, @Nick would this work?

@pedro we’re putting anything that we don’t want to share into that field so that solution wouldn’t work

The image name won’t be changed if it currently is on another field of the note. So you can move the image from the Extra field to the Additional Resources field and then create a suggestion and the image name will stay the same. Note that both fields need to be changed in one suggestion.
In other words an image is considered new if it currently isn’t on the note. New images are renamed.

Did you already remove the old image references everywhere?

We may have on a few. @Ahmed do you know?

Yes I think so, there are 7 note IDs that are not showing up on ankihub or the anki app despite adding back the original source. These ones might be the ones that have been deleted everywhere

For example, this image img src=“paste-123965641064919.jpg” is found in 6 cards but is not showing up on ankihub anymore, and all of them were under my section

The note ids that are having this problem are

I asked @shmuelsash and he could not see these pictures in the ankihub website or the anki app despite putting the original source code in like the rest of the cards (which worked fine)(how will we get around this?)

This is different however than the other issue where image sources were randomly being changed, every single one of mine I submitted yesterday had a changed source, it only occurred when doing it through the anki app, then i tried it again and the second i pressed submit to ankihub, the source changed immediately right in front of me to some random source. I uploaded new suggestions today and they worked fine, this only happens when I just go to add a image to a previously done image replacement card, if doing it from a new card that does not have any new image, it works okay.


Image names are changed when creating suggestions if the image isn’t currently on the note and you add it to it. If the image name is already in any of the note’s fields, it will not be renamed.

For all notes where old images haven’t been replaced yet, the solution is to move the old image from the Text/Extra field to the Additional Resources field in one suggestion. (Instead of first making a suggestion that replaces the old image with the new one and then creating another suggestion that adds the old image to the Additional Resources field.)

For notes where the old image was already removed from all fields, it seems like the easiest solution would be to manually change the image names back to the old names on the website. Are there a lot of these notes?

@pedro Do you know why this could be the case?

It seems to me that images shouldn’t be shown when they are in the Additional Resources field except for deck maintainers (because the images there are copyrighted). Is it really a problem that these images are not shown?

These are the notes that I know of that have this problem, it only occurred with mine since I merged them

@shmuelsash is a maintainer, so he should be able to see it. I cant see it as well however. And even if people cannot see the images on ankihub, these images should be viewable on the anki app since I copied the original text source, so just confused as to why people cannot see it

@Nick @Ahmed

I’m investigating this issue with @pedro and what happens is that we do change the name of the image when new images are added to suggestions. This is done to ensure that if someone uploads an image with the same name as another image in the deck, the image receives an unique name and doesn’t overwrite the original image - so it’s a safety measure.
The thing is, we know that the image is not new, but the addon does not, since the image was removed in one suggestion and then added back into another field in another suggestion. So the addon wasn’t able to know that this image was there before, since when it was added back to the note, there wasn’t any references to it. It’s an intended behaviour, but I understand why it’s becoming a problem in this particular case.

And yes, indeed this will make people that had the image locally with the original filename lose the access to it, since the new image won’t be downloaded because it will be placed in an asset-disabled field.

I’ve done some tests and it is possible to keep the same image name if you move the image from one field to another in the same suggestion, instead of doing two separate suggestions.

Creating the suggestions like this (moving the image in a single suggestion instead of multiple) solves the problem?

@Ahmed will this work for us? Can we just fix old ones with the website?

Yes, that is how I fixed mine originally, the problem is that its really tedious and for the 3 others that have suggested almost all their image replacements, doing it one by one will take a longer time. But it should be okay.

As for the nids i wrote about, since i already removed them, I cannot add them back in a single suggestion as in move it from extra to additional on ankihub, since they are not available anymore, I have to go to history, copy the original source, then paste into additional sources, specifically for those nids they are not showing up so what should I do in order to be able to see it again. For example, even in the history they do not show up anymore

Here is nid:1473385363577

I copied the source code on the left, went to view on ankihub, suggested an edit, and it showed up as that small image file, then I merged and it still wont show up, any way to fix that?