Missing images after syncing

I’ve noticed that these NIDs are missing images in the First Aid and Additional Resources after syncing











I made a few changes, let me know if they are fixed for you, a lot of them have the same image HTML from the original mnemonics, can you confirm if each card is missing exactly the first aid and additional resources HTML?

Also can you ensure that your FA and additional resources fields are not protected

These fields are not protected on my end, after syncing again this is the only note that was fixed on my end nid:1473986303657, the others are still missing images in FA and AR fields

I checked them over and they have the same HTML, you should be able to see them

for example for nid:1484188901425 i copied the original additional resource HTMl and pasted it to the new mnemonic card and here is what it shows up on ankihub

meaning that the HTML is the same, Ive checked thru almost all and I cant even submit changes for some because it says HTML is the same, maybe try resubscribing and see if that fixes it?

Another example is nid:1461870794373

Here is the original mnemonic

here is the new one


Note sure why but seems that the HTML for the new cards and “old” cards differs on my end, e.g.

Ah I think I figured it out, thank you, I think when I accepted the images for some reason the same source code for the new image got pasted to the old image, I reset my local fields for the original mnemonic card and the original source showed up. It was pasting the NEW source code without me noticing. I will attempt a fix for these now

Ive pushed changes for all of them, thank you for helping me troubleshoot!

If you see any in the future with this issue, just submit a suggestion on ankihub and @ me, just write “@Ahmed7 please check HTML” etc and i will fix them for you

LMK if they are all working as well!

Sorry for this inconvenience!

Thanks! all images are good now :smile:

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