Missing images despite resetting local changes

I reset local changes and I’m still missing images on 52 notes. I looked for a few of them and the images are on AnkiHub

Here are some examples
Note ID 1473548811354

Note ID 1474670502201


I exported all the cards I have an issue with (link will expire in 24hrs or after 10 downloads)

Try unsubscribing and resubscribing to the deck using the ankihub addon (ie. redownload the deck), also those pixorize images were recently added from another note by a user, do you have a pixorize subscription?

Ok readding the pixorize images & resubscribing brought it down to 25 notes missing images

Missing files: ⁨19⁩
Unused files: ⁨0⁩

The following files are referenced by cards, but were not found in the media folder:
Missing: 02_Paraventricular_&Supraoptic_Nuclei1.png
Missing: 02_Paraventricular
Missing: 125d0b1ebd1d3afa53a2cf26e43cb3b4.png
Missing: 39edc3d60a4faec98ad08a365d2cf434.jpg
Missing: 3fa8d54ad5aa424826839f9730f392b4.png
Missing: 53b100a2cbc1ca7b8a271e8328e7f78b.jpg
Missing: 5de2f665c23fec4c07ee338f17d8f30a.jpg
Missing: 6078b2fcf65774b56d2b00d9a407fc54.png
Missing: 74d2819c49ed1dce43b59f78709c579b.png
Missing: 783d8bce7b4857f82a0809c33efeeda2.jpg
Missing: Screen%20Shot%202020-01-28%20at%206.32.02%20PM.png
Missing: Zoverall%20picture%20(47)_1566160514431.JPG
Missing: a83692a6ea5a85d78d36332688f02287.png
Missing: c5a86ee389f72d915cd3cc47a9f85971.jpg
Missing: cbcb616eddae00f241afee89923fe05d.png
Missing: d10d979fe06789a905881e8f322f230f.png
Missing: dac43cea7f703721c4293c225fed580d.png
Missing: e0e0b3aba40f8632f37c47f92211fc30.jpg
Missing: paste-158724811391355.jpg

Can you provide the nid’s for a few of them? Let me see if it could be tag related, sometimes the AnkiHub_ImageReady::Extra tag isnt added which causes that


For the trachea one above, that was one of mine, for some reason I replaced it but didn’t add the ankihub tag, it should be fixed now, the rest I’m assuming are pixorize related. Not sure why that wouldn’t be working, I think Jacob King is in charge of those, maybe he would know more about that?

If you see any that aren’t showing up and they have a photo credit text in the extra, check to see if there is the ankihub_ImageReady::Extra tag, if it doesn’t then that is the problem

These are missing the image on ankihub too


Okay fixed!

One worked but this one is still missing images

They are the same ones, I deleted them and kept the new ones, its just same images but different URLs, there should be two pics now in the pixorize field

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