Missing images from wiki

I noticed that some of the cards have images in the extra section but I am not able to see them like from wikimedia commons. Is this part of the image support update that I saw. I missed the announcement and instructions on how to use it and can’t find it anywhere.

Which card are you having this problem with, can you provide the note id? Also on your anki in the top left, click on the ankihub addon and check to see if the media sync says “idle”, that means everything should have downloaded

I am having the same problem. ID: 1482021603417 is an example. Media sync does say “downloading”, but it has been that way for days and does not change. ID: 1482021686946 is an example of a card for which the media in extra does not appear and the source of the image is unknown.

I’m having the same issue. Found it on NID: 1481418837143

I also cannot see this image (1481418837143).

1482021686946 works on my end

I have corrected nid:1481418837143 - it was missing the tag. Have not been able to replicate this issue on any other listed NID.

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