Anking Images Not Downloading

Anking Card ID 17596925-9346-4106-a076-8ce874cfd215
Anki id: 1472147853249

Image is not appearing.

Same with 86af7c93-960b-4760-8c90-daf8f84e5e0f


Can’t answer the card without the image

1- Click on Sync with ankihub
2- Wait until ‘Media Sync:’ becomes ‘Media Sync: Idle’
3- Check these cards you have issue with.

I just updated these, it might be because they are still downloading? they are appearing on ankihub for me and I waited until they uploaded before merging

I think there was a background issue going on as these were being updated. I had synced several times throughout my study session this morning to no avail, but these images are now appearing properly.

Thank you for your help.

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