Error with no image shown

For some flashcards I am unable to see the picture and instead just shows an icon, can someone please help?

Please ensure that on your ankihub addon tab, it does not still say “downloading”, if this still persists please resubscribe.

Go to the ankihub addon, go to subscribed decks, click on anking overhaul, unsubscribe, then subscribe again by inputting this code “e77aedfe-a636-40e2-8169-2fce2673187e”, wait for everything to download and it should work

I can currently see this picture on my anki, so it might be something on your end

Where do I see if it says downloading or not?

Media sync is either “idle” or “downloading”


its on idle for me

Have you tried resubscribing? How many cards are having this issue? If you can provide me their note ID’s I can look at them for you