Cannot get images to sync onto cards

Hey y’all, thanks for everything you do. I am a subscriber to AnkiHub and love the deck. However, I am not able to get images onto most of my cards. I have downloaded the images from the Google Drive that was posted on reddit. This has not fixed the problem. Most cards I have will display the image icon (see below) but with no image. Friends of mine with Anki Hub have the exact same card with an image. Additionally, my media sync is almost always in the “idle” stage. If you all have any suggestions on what I should do to get pictures onto the deck I would really appreciate it! I willing to redownload everything but I am about 1000 cards into the deck and would hate to lose my progress. thanks!

Did you get this to work? I’m having the same issue unfortunately

Please see this as this is answered already in the Wiki: