"Placeholder" Fields Bug Report

Hi team, first noticed this new issue last night (2/21) (thanks to @Ahmed_DISVSTXR)

Bug: All images are appearing as “placeholder” in HTML when suggested. This can be induced by editing a simple tag suggestion and saving without making changes (shown in the video) - but also appears as changes in all fields with images when only text field suggestions are made.

Video: https://imgur.com/a/pz0wOfV


Priority: Medium - reverting and pushing these changes seems to work as intended without replacing images to “placeholder”, but it is still concerning


It looks like this is actually just a visual bug. So if these suggestions were merged, the image src value wouldn’t be changed, as suggested by the visual diff. That being said, I’ll revert the changes that introduced this visual bug so that we can address it.

@heitorado , I think maybe we just need to not apply the custom replace_img_src_with_s3_url tag in ankihub/templates/partials/note_suggestion_form.html?

Hey team!

This bug has been solved by this PR #1130.

Thank’s @heitorado and @luan for your support.


I’m noticing this issue again but only in the card editor section. Just wanted to bring this to attention since I know image support is around the corner (see below):