Cards "sticking" while reviewing

While I am reviewing, cards sometimes “stick”. For instance, I will press “spacebar” to flip the card, and the bottom of the screen changes to the “again/hard/good/easy” options, but the card itself does not flip (still shows cloze; back not displayed), as shown in attached screenshots. Other times, I will press “good / again / spacebar” after reviewing the back of a card, and the bottom changes again, but the new card doesn’t display – the old one “sticks”

The cards reliably “unstick” if I click on the screen

This issue occurs exclusively when I am using Ankihub decks. It began when I updated to Anki v23.12.1 Qt6. Downgrading to v23.10.1 resulted in this occurring less frequently, but it still happens.

(1) After pressing “spacebar”, the bottom of the screen changed (and the timer stopped), but the card itself did not flip.

(2) This is what the back of the card should look like after pressing spacebar.

Note: The issue began when I updated to v23.12.1 in order to use FSRS. Perhaps this is caused by FSRS then?

Try downgrading to 23.10 and see if this issue persists, FSRS works on 23.10 as well

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There is still a bit of lag between cards (especially with larger decks like Anking for Step), but I have reviewed ~50 cards with 23.10 with no sticking. Thanks for the tip.

This might be a graphics issue. If you notice it again, try changing the video driver option from the preferences.

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It is now happening again. I will try adjusting the video driver.

Edit: So far, the issue has completely cleared up. Thanks for the advice!

Hey there, just a little update on the situation.

Switching the video driver from Direct3d (default) to OpenGL fixed the card sticking problem but resulted in laggy typing when making/editing cards. The third option (Vulkan) simply didn’t work, and the Software video driver was also laggy. Any advice?


This will hopefully be fixed in a future Anki version. It’s a Qt issue.