Change in Anki 2.1.64, issues with "undo" remapping

Hello Anking Team,

I recently updated my Anki version to 2.1.64. Previously, using the Customize Keyboard Shortcuts add-on, I had set “u” for undo; however, it seems that since the update “u” does not work in the review window anymore.

For testing purposes, I remapped my undo letter to “q” and that seemed to work suggesting that the add-on still works fine. Additionally, whenever I am on the Decks page and click “u” (when it was mapped to “u”) it would undo. Were there any recent changes in the Anking add-ons or the Anki Hub deck that are using “u” for some shortcut specifically in the review window and thus is overriding by undo shortcut?

Thanks greatly to anyone that can help out!

Happed to figure it out, will leave this post up in case anyone else had the same issue.

It seems like the update added “u” as another undo option (aka ctrl + z) thus whenever I changed it in Customize Keyboard Shortcuts add-on it was trying to override something that was already default. This seemed to be causing the issue. Whenever I reset the undo portion of the add-on to “ctrl + z” it fixed itself and allows me to use “u” to also undo.

Thanks and have a good weekend!


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