Collaborating on a deck

Collaborating with friends a deck. We each want to do one lecture and then add it to the deck and have it filtered by tags. However, when we submit to update cards for the deck (they are maintainers) it does not work. Says suggestion failed, 0 added etc. What is the best way to go about working on a deck with two classmates, each who want to add different cards to the same deck and have it sync with eachother for instance:
I made a collaboration deck called Block 3B collaboration and then each of us is doing a different lecture. I am doing lecture 1, friend 1 is doing lecture 2 friend 3 is doing lecture 3. How do we all put these cards into the deck for it to sync. The only way we found was by bulk adding but that doesn’t seem to work all the time?

Can you share the entire message that you are seeing when you try to add new cards and it doesn’t work?

Can you share any details about what happens when bulk adding doesn’t seem to work?

Are the note types Ankihub note types?

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