Deck creator Controls

It would be nice if deck creators had more control options.

Similar to in the anking deck when someone subscribes to a deck there are fields that default to protected (lecture notes, missed questions, etc) If all deck creators could just control this that would be nice.

Also similar to the anking deck it would be nice if creators could also choose fields to push media or not like (FA, Physeo, AR) across ankihub decks there are many that contain copywriter material, and would also like to upload the media to ankihub for viewing cards/suggestion purposes but can’t because it would be pushing that content to users therefore breaking ankihub guidelines. but it can make going through suggestions quite difficult bc you can’t see the cards content I usually have to copy the nid paste in anki and then switch windows back and forth to see whats different. here’s an example where several media files were removed and I had to sift through them (using the HTML) to find out what was removed/changed.

My thought is it could look something like this:



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