Does protecting a tag prevent the notes in the tag from being erased or the card from being erased?

For example, if I add the tag “video_watched” to a set of cards, will my created tag be deleted with syncing? Does protecting the tag preserve the tag itself or the content inside the tagged card?


Your tags would be saved, if they have been protected on AnkiHub
Here’s how to do that: Protecting Fields and Tags

Protecting a tag would protect only the tag from being suggested to AnkiHub

In order to protect the content, you would need to protect the respective field, here’s how to do that: Protecting Fields and Tags

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Your tag will stay, you don’t need to protect it or anything

Protecting the tag only prevents it from being shown to us when you suggest a change.

If you want to protect the changes you made in a card, you can right click on the card and click AnkiHub_Protect, then select the fields you want to protect

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