Either protected tags field isn't working, or I don't know how to use it

I am trying to update my anking deck, but I have made changes to some anking cards in many different fields that I don’t want to loose. Basically, I would like all fields in my unsuspended cards left alone during ankihub download, and I would like all fields updated in my suspended cards. I tagged all my suspended cards with the tag “notouchy” and then put that tag in the protected tags field on ankihub. I did not select any protected fields on one try, and my “notouchy” cards were reverted back to the original and my edits were lost. Then I tried the same thing, but selecting all the protected field options, and this time no cards were updated. Can someone tell me how to use this features to keep my edits with certain tags, but allow all updates/changes with all the other tags?

Protected tags just protects the tag, not fields.

To protect fields:
AnkiHub: How to Protect Fields

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