Exact number of Subcribers & Analytics tool

The way the amount of subscribers are shown was changed in the last few weeks from specific numbers to approximations/rounding to nearest thousand.

Is it possible (for maintainers) to get the exact numbers? I’d really like to use it for analytics and using these numbers to create some hype in our community :smiley:

In the same context it would be great to have an optimized/advanced interface for statistics and analytics.

As a deck owner, using the filter-search to get an overview of AnkiHub activitiy is very unwieldy. (Select Date-Range, Rationale, accepted, search → Scroll down to number of pages, calculate → repeat)

Feature requests:

  • Show exact subscriber amounts to maintainer (or on the deck page)
  • Analytics Interface that allows more advanced filter options like most active users, most accepted users, most accepted rationale, most upvoted users etc.

Greetings from Germany!



@andrew :face_holding_back_tears::point_right: :point_left:

Its coming soon! You’ll love it

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Ankizin Dashboard

Let us know what you think!

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Thanks, @gauerin!

Once we get some feedback on this, we could create a new view to embed this directly on AnkiHub, @ProductTeam .

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Gawd dayum. I ain’t finna need no PDE-V inhibitors no more.

Looks very very good!
Really love the idea of highlighting the most likes, as it creates some kind of kindness-competition as well as being able to filter out maintainers vs non-maintainers.

Only “bug” so far is a visual one, as the sentence at the bottom of the page Please, if there are any statistics you would like to see, contact us through the community is cut off (being overlayed):

More helpful graphs or features I can think of:

  • Time filter (last week, last 28 days, or custom range)
  • Timeline of subscriber count
  • De/activating specific rationales. For example in the “Number of rationales by state in the last 30 days” graph. Would be great if the rationales were suspendable by clicking on them
  • Linking the highlighted top suggestions to their respective page on ankihub
  • Public leaderboards for different categories
  • Percentage of changes in the last 30 days compared to the 30days before

Love it :heart:


There’s also this, btw: AnkiHub Community

Just a built-in thing that Discourse offers. It would be cool to customize this one day.