Feature Request: Let users be able to discard changes for a single field if no other field is changed

Example of this below

User is correct, but the image has been changed before (image on left is higher quality). So ideally I would be able to revert changes then make the change myself again to preserve the image.

What I have to do though is, edit β†’ put a period in the text section β†’ accept change β†’ discard changes button appears for both fields β†’ revert change to extra β†’ delete period in text β†’ edit extra β†’ accept suggestion

Discard changes now appear after change in another field:

Why not simply reject the suggestion and explain the reason to the user? Quoting @covinhas in #714:

  • You can only revert a field if it is not the last change on the suggestion (e.g. only one field changed or changes only in tags). Reverting that would result in an empty suggestion, so essentially if you want to revert a field with a single suggestion, you want to discard the suggestion entirely - and for that we can use the delete suggestion button.

Because usually users are not bothered to do it again or a very simple fix needs to be done which a maintainer can do faster, its just a convenience thing.

I’m not suggesting asking the user to redo the suggestion. You can also tell them something like: β€œI’ll apply your suggestion manually to preserve the new image…”.

However, I don’t see any technical reason why your suggestion can’t be implemented. I understand it’s the way it’s purely as a design choice. So I think this can be changed.

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