.gif files not playing when switched to .webp


Before the .webp switch, .gif files would play correctly in the AnKing deck.

After the switch. .gif files that are suggested are automatically switched to .webp. This causes the gif not to play, it appears as a still image.

This occurred with this nid:1694268300081

Would it be possible to exclude .gif files from this .webp rule so the gifs can play?

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Created a task for it!

This is now fixed! The gifs will be converted to webp, but they will now be animated (webp also supports animations).
However someone will need to upload the gif again.

Perfect thank you! I’ll reupload them again

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I’ve tried readding the gifs but for some reason it still is not working, example with nid: 1694268300081

cc @CTE_BrainDamage @jakub.f

Sorry, the reason is that the add-on doesn’t upload the media file because it was already uploaded. So it uses the old image. I can’t immediately think of a good and easy fix for that. If there are not that many notes with this problem I could fix them manually if you send me the file.

One workaround for this is to change the image slightly (by using an image editor). Then the add-on will treat it as a new image, will upload it and the animation will be shown.

I believe there are only two images that I can think of right now (if i remember anymore I’ll let you know)

GIF: File:Zwerchfellparese links - Sniff-Test - 001 - kleiner.gif - Wikimedia Commons

nid: 1472079023283
GIF: File:Atrial myxoma gsr.gif - Wikipedia

Thank you!


Note that you may need to delete the local storage of your browser for the AnkiHub website in order for the animations to show on the website immediately.

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