Help downloading deck

I am unable to download the anking deck. I try to copy past the deck id and download but i get a pop up asking me to subscribe to the deck even though i already have.

Do you have an active paid memberships? When you login on the website, does it say “become a member” in the top right? If so, you’ll need to sign up first before syncing will work

no I don’t have an active membership. do I need to become a member to download the deck? is there any way I can do it for free?

Yes you have to have an active subscription to be able to sync decks

I am having the same problem but I am subscribed as a member. Can’t download anything because I do not have the option. What should I do?

You need to use the add-on on Anki and copy the add-on code from AnkiHub to download the decks. Have you tried all of these steps?