Anking website member but subscription not showing up on ANKI hub

I signed up for anking website and paid for a subscription. I set up a new account on anki hub with the same email associated, but it does not show I’m subscribed.

I would like to download v12 deck but it won’t allow me to

Do your subscribed decks look like this?


Does your explore page look like this?

If not, please follow the FAQ here

If the problem still persists please let us know!

No. It tells me to become a member to study the deck, but I am sure i purchased membership already/. i confimed this with anking support

Are you sure you’re signed into ankihub on the addon inside anki?

When you click on ankihub addon, does it say sign in?

If this still persists, I’ll let the developers know regarding your problem and see if we can get this solved ASAP for you

Also, follow the wiki above, it should cover the steps you need to make everything work smoothly

I do have the add on, and I tried adding the code through there. The message I get is that I need to have an active subscription, which I do. I am unsure of how to connect my anking and ankihub accounts as there seems to be a disconnect between the two

I have notified the developers of your case.

They will be with you shortly to get this resolved. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience!

Please note that AnKing and AnkiHub are two different services. Which AnKing service did you pay for? If you paid for an AnKing product, that is not connected to AnkiHub. There is no AnkiHub membership associated with the email connected the account you are using on this forum.