I can't download a deck even after subscribing

I’m just trying to download the v12 anking deck and nothing happens. It keeps saying that I have to subscribe to the deck and of course I already did that

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In your anki, go to the top toolbar, press on AnkiHub → subscribed decks → add → paste this “e77aedfe-a636-40e2-8169-2fce2673187e”, it should work if you haven’t tried this yet

Same problem even with this code e77aedfe-a636-40e2-8169-2fce2673187e

did you also subscribe to the deck on ankihub website itself? also try unsubscribing on your anki app and adding that code again

This usually means that you don’t have an AnkiHub membership. You can get a membership by

  • clicking Become a Member (if you see this, it means you don’t have a membership yet) in the top right corner of https://app.ankihub.net
  • or by navigating to Sign In
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I have my account ok. I heard so many others facing the same problem as my wife
and by the way, her account is on hold we don’t know why. Thanks

i already did :frowning: thanks


Please create a new topic so we can address your situation.

This is a very old thread so we will be closing it.