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I have paid the $55 ankihub plan for the year to be able to access the overhaul step 1 and 2 deck and sync between devices on ankihub. I have an anki hub account and have subscribed to anking overhaul step 1 and 2 online on my ankihub account. I am not sure how to get this deck into my anki. I have version 2.1.66 of anki which I was told to use since this version is supported for anki hub ( I originally had 23.11 but updated it to 2.1.66). I am currently running version 11 of anking. I would like to update this to anking overhaul for Step 1 & 2. I tried to do this but the deck is showing up with no cards and for some reason will not merge with my version 11 cards. Right now it shows up as an empty deck when I try to browse.

Thank you for your help!

Also, I am not sure how to navigate the tags… it looks like tags from V11 and V12 are showing up. How do I reorganize this so I can just see the anki overhaul deck with everything updated?

Lastly, I have the amboss add on and would like to be able to use this with anking overhaul. I believe the add on only works with certain versions.

Thank you for all of your help


The V12 deck should be in your β€œAnKing” deck. All your previously V11 cards have been updated to V12. You can either keep this deck or move all V12 cards to another new deck. You can see how to do this here.

Regarding tags, go to Browse β†’ tags on the left hand side β†’ right-click and delete the V11 tags. That way you only see V12 tags

The AMBOSS addon will work with your version, you can also update to 23.10. We recommend 2.1.64 but you can safely upgrade to 23.10 if you would like (I’m currently running that version with no issues!)

You can install the AMBOSS addon here. It will work with your version (2.1.66) and 23.10 if you wish to upgrade

Let us know if you need anything else!

What is the difference between v12 and Anking overhaul? how do I know if I have successfully downloaded overhaul? Also, should I delete the cards with the v11 tag only? There are a few thousand left. How come no decks show up in my anki hub even though I have subscribed and synced?

V12 and Overhaul are the same thing.

The deck is officially called β€œAnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2 V12”. Sorry for the confusion!

To see if you successfully downloaded the Overhaul deck, go to browse β†’ on the left hand side go to note types β†’ find AnKingOverhaul (AnKing/AnKingMed) β†’ these are all the V12 cards

No, delete the V11 tag. Then if you want to delete the V11 cards. Go to browse β†’ note types β†’ find AnKingOverhaul (not the one with brackets, the one without brackets) then select that tag. You will then see all the V11 cards which are not on ankihub which you can delete

AnkiHub as in the website or your Anki?

Ankihub as in the website.

Thank you this was very helpful. I have one additional question: Here are the add ons I have. Do you recommend I get additional add ons for my purposes of using anking v12?

AMBOSS add on
image occlusion enhanced
postpone cards review
review heatmap

Just to clarify, the 7443 cards under this note type are extras from v11 that can be deleted?

Yes, you can delete those that do not have an AnkiHub ID.

Regarding addons, here are the ones the AnKing recommends

This video might help as well

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