Hierarchical tags

Hi community,

when I downloaded anking overhaul deck from ankihub (where I subscribed) I don’t see hierarchical tag with in my deck. I’ll try to explain. So when I open anki app on Mac, there is ankig overhaul latest deck, but I don’t have that plus button on the left side which allows for deck to expand into tags that are already created. So now I have a problem how to use those already perfectly made tags.
For example if I want to do only Firstaid tag. I don’t have that option. Even if I move the tag into separate subdeck, I still don’t have that option to expend tags inside of That main tag. I’ll attach the screenshot. You see how a deck ‘Anki terminology’ has that expansion option so I can see specific tag. But Anking overhaul doesn’t have that.

I went through Anki mastery course and it was super helpful for understanding how to use most effectively. But I didn’t find an answer how to fix this issue with tags.

You are looking at decks, not tags. Click “browse” and then scroll all the way down on the left

Yes that’s clear. And how can I study now only, let’s say, bootcamp- cardiology- embriology?

You can use the #Bootcamp tags to find related cards.

I would recommend watching the videos on how to use the deck. See the deck wiki for more information: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

If you’d like individualized help, we offer that through the AnKing memberships: www.ankingmed.com/memberships